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The customization parts set for HMM Zoids, the Booster Cannon Set, has arrived!

This Booster Cannon Set of customization parts is compatible with the EZ-005 Redler model.
With the wide variety of included attachment parts such as the connection units to recreate the “Double Cannon,” users can attach the Booster Cannons to a range of HMM Zoids.
Mount these cannons that span around 180 mm long and add powerful firepower or acceleration to your HMM Zoid.

Product Specifications:
・The 3mm connection point on the bottom of the Booster Cannon is compatible with the special attachment part for Redler’s main wings or the multipurpose 3mm connection joints due to its design.
・The rear fins of the Booster Cannons are articulated and the rear nozzles feature ball joints, allowing for a free range of movement.
・A unit is included to connect the two Booster Cannons. The lower part has a 3mm connection point at the front and a 5mm point in the middle. 3mm connection joints or parts to create a 3mm connection point can be attached to the 5mm point.
・The sensors’ clear parts come in both clear green as well as colorless.
・A selection of decals for the various caution marks are included, so users can fine-tune the look of their Zoid.