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The newly designed Attack Booster for Green Horn AB is now available on its own.
Featuring versatile coloring primarily in gray and gunmetal, this booster can be attached to a wide variety of HMM Zoids using a range of connection parts.
Equip your HMM Zoids with these parts and enhance their armament, speed, and mobility all at once!

・This completely new design greatly enhances ease of assembly, appearance, and customizability, and the model is now available on its own.
・The booster part and cover are now separate, allowing the Attack Booster to move more freely.
・The extendable barrel of the AZ High-Density Beam Cannon and deployable rear fins are now separate for better handling.
・The sides of the Attack Boosters have 3mm connection points, allowing them to be attached directly to arms and Zoids equipped with 3mm hardpoints.
・The joint cap attachment points on each arm serve as both 5mm connection joints and 3mm connection points, allowing for a wide variety of attachments.
・Depending on the parts used, the lower side of the arm can be either a joint cap attachment or a Blade Liger Laser Blade attachment.
・Use a connection point and equip either a 3mm connection point, 3mm hole, or 4mm connection point (for Blade Liger) to the bottom of the model.
・The clear parts, such as the sensors, come in both clear orange and clear.
・Decals of various caution marks are included and can be applied as desired for a more show-accurate finish.