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The 43rd entry in the weapon unit series is an “Excannon” that provides the key for several combinations and customizations that will transform your models into entirely new equipment!

Model Specifications:
・By changing out the parts on either end of the weapon, the kit can be converted into four different modes: “Armored Cannon,” “Torpedo Tube,” “SF Missile,” and “Exhaust Pipe.”
・The armor on the top and sides can be removed. By removing the top armor, users can recreate “Torpedo Tube” mode.
・The ends of the weapons can be connected on the sides, top, or bottom by using parts from multiple kits.
・In addition to the four pre-determined modes, the kit can be customized into a variety of weapons or armor limited only by the user’s imagination!
・Each part is equipped with 3mm connectors, making them easy to use as customization parts for models.
・The kit includes five circular covers for the top of the armor. They can also be used with the 3mm connections on Frame Arms and other model kits.
・The kit includes a turret unit that is compatible with the Torpedo Tube mode that can be connected with a grip that is compatible with hands from the Frame Arms line.

Included Items:
・Main Unit x3
・Muzzle parts x3
・Torpedo Tube parts x3
・Back cap parts x3
・SF Missile parts x3
・Exhaust pipe x3
・Turret unit x1
・Grip unit x1 (for Frame Arms & Frame Arms Girl)
・3mm attachment x5
・Circular detail cover x5