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TAKEMIKADUCHI TYPE-00F Takamura Yui KI Ver.1.5

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Current price $80.00

From Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse, the spinoff series of the hit visual novel released by âge in 2006, TAKEMIKADUCHI TYPE-00F Takamura Yui KI is updated into Ver.1.5 to rejoin Kotobukiya’s model kit series!
This golden yellow unit is a high-mobility model given to soldiers from fudai households. Compared to the Type-00A high-mobility model, Type-00F’s main body and Jump Unit’s maximum output has been increased by 15%. The model has been recreated in glossy color and the eyes and lights have been reproduced with clear plastic. As the other non-lightup details are pre-painted, TAKEMIKADUCHI TYPE-00F Takamura Yui KI can be completed just by assembling the model.

Changes for Ver. 1.5:

  • The Type-87 Assault Cannon and Type-74 PB Blade have been fully redesigned.
  • The assault cannon has two magazines that can be removed and assembled into a support assault cannon.
  • The hip joints are redesigned with a multi-axis joint instead of the original ball joint, improving the durability and range of movement of the model. Furthermore, the addition of a roll joint in the thighs accommodates a wider range of expressive poses.
  • The moveable armor on the back of the knees has been redesigned for smoother knee movement.
  • The design and height of the ankle joints has been reconfigured to match the existing NON-scale model.
  • The elbow joints have been redesigned to recreate rear-attack poses.
  • The weapon mount is now articulated to accommodate rear-attack poses. Including the assault cannons, four weapons can be used to recreate rear-attack poses.
  • A joint that can rotate up and down has been added between the chest and the waist, allowing for an even wider range of poses.