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The second model kit in the action figure line of TITANOMACHIA is the female exosuit, STRATO HOUND!

TITANOMACHIA is an original plastic model kit series by famed modeler, designer, and producer NAOKI.
The SIDE:ES (EXOSKELETON) line of the series features 1/12 scale male and female armored exoskeleton suits. 
The next kit to join this line is the long-awaited female exoskeleton suit, STRATO HOUND!


Model Specifications:
・Utilizing his experience as a modeler, NAOKI produces both a sleek model design and an excellent action figure. This model includes various features such as sliding thigh armor and independently articulated shoulder armor that allow the arms to move freely. Users are able to recreate graceful and dynamic poses that highlight the model’s tall and slender proportions.
・The 3mm hard points on the body allows for customization with parts from the TITANOMACHIA series, M.S.G series, and other original plastic model kit series by Kotobukiya.
・The Doppeladler—a collapsible, compound CQC weapon—features a physical blade and a beam sword recreated with clear parts. The grips for two-handed stances are adjustable so the weapon can be posed in various ways. It can also be converted into a compact form and equipped to various hard points.
・Includes two Basilisk hand blasters. They can be carried in the left and right holsters which can be attached to hard points.
・The shield, Belladonna, uses clear parts for the protective plating. The shield can be positioned by adjusting the grip.
・Includes eight PVC hands (left and right hands for closed, open, weapon holding, and gun holding positions). The weapon holding hands have the same specifications as the M.S.G series allowing for items to be held.
・Includes a head with and without a helmet for more display options.
・The precise color-coding of each part, multi-colored plastic, and pre-painted clear parts allow users to recreate the model just by assembling it.
・Includes decals for the eyes and other original designs.