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September 2024 Release



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It’s the reaper in the desert!

The scorpion Zoid, Guysack, joins the HMM series with all new parts!
The arms, legs, and tail are all articulated, allowing for a variety of poses that couldn’t be made before.
The cockpit and equipment of both the normal type and heavily armored type are newly sculpted, allowing the model to be customized and reassembled freely.
This Zoid was given the moniker “002” after Gojulas and landed itself in the top 10 of all-time sales after its launch in 2004. 
Add the Republic's famous second-gen Zoid to your collection today!


• Two types of cockpits, normal and heavily armored, are included. Both can open and close, and hold the included pilot figure.
• The arms, legs, and tail are articulated, and the Laser Claws move independently.
• The Zoid Core in the torso is removable along with the lower part of the torso.
• The Beam Cannon of the normal type and the Tank, Sensor Unit, Beam Launcher, and Aiming Radar of the heavily armored type each have 3mm joints and are interchangeable.
• The Smoke Discharger and Launcher are mounted onto the torso with 3mm connection points, allowing their angles to be adjusted up and down.
• A large selection of newly created decals for emblems and caution marks are included, so users can fine-tune the look of their Zoid.