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Featuring a new world and unique game mechanics that set it apart from past entries in the Mega Man series, the Mega Man Battle Network series was a huge hit and continues to be supported by passionate fans. After over 20 years since the game’s initial launch, the NetNavi Roll, operated by the heroine Mayl Sakurai, will be released as a plastic model kit!

The intricate part separation featured in the Mega Man X plastic model kits and the proportions and articulation achieved through CAD technology allows users to assemble Roll as if she stepped out of the game or anime!

Furthermore, users can customize with the extensive range of included items, such as four expressive face parts, four sets of hands, and Roll Arrow, to reenact famous scenes from the anime and games!

Model Specifications:
・The kit includes four interchangeable face parts.
・Roll Arrow can be displayed by replacing the forearm parts.
・Includes four sets of interchangeable hand parts.
・Includes a clip-type stand. The model is compatible with separately sold bases from Kotobukiya’s M.S.G series, such as the NEW FLYING BASE and NEW FLYING BASE Plus, allowing for action poses to be displayed.
・The kit is made of multi-colored plastic and contains pre-painted parts, making it easy for users of all levels to assemble Roll as she appears in the game.

Included Items:
・Four Interchangeable Face Parts (Default/Looking Forward, Shouting/Looking Right, Winking/Looking Forward, Smiling/Looking Left)
・Four Sets of Interchangeable Hand Parts (Closed, Pointing, Open A, Open B)
・Clip-type Stand
・Roll Arrow