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From the high speed mecha action video game “Armored Core 4,” the one and only Supplice from the battle scene in the opening movie of the game joins the Variable Infinity Series as a plastic model kit.

The emblem decal from LINX No. 1 Berlioz is included with the optional parts, “SAMSARA,” “02-DRAGONSLAYER,” “051ANNR (Left Arm),” “SALAF CORE-OPC01,” “03-AALIYAH/CLS1,” etc. Users can customize their model with the included emblems in order to recreate models from the game.

Model Specifications:
■ The flare “051ANAM” that is attached on the shoulders can be expanded without replacement parts for users to recreate the memorable scene that was shown in the opening movie.
■ The back part “Overed Booster” can be utilized without replacement parts.
■ The plasma rifle “SAMSARA,” laser blade “02-DRAGONSLAYER that was included with RAYLEONARD 03-AALIYAH SUPPLICE is also included within this model kit for personal customization.
■ The rifle “051ANNR” for the left hand included with RAYLEONARD 03-AALIYAH KPACHAЯ, stabilizer “SALAF CORE-OPC01,” “03-AALIYAH/CLS1,” and the connection parts to attach the stabilizers are included within this model kit to allow multiple options when assembling.

Included Items:
■ Main Unit
■ Rifle “051ANNR (Right Arm)”
■ Rifle “051ANNR (Left Arm)”
■ Rifle “04-MARVE”
■ Plasma Rifle “SAMSARA”
■ Laser Blade “02-DRAGONSLAYER”
■ Grenade Cannon “OGOTO”
■ Flare “051ANAM”
*Connection parts to attach the stabilizers (core) to the main unit are included.
■ Emblem Decal