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PW-000 - 3 Polishing Wheels per pack

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Original price $17.00
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Each box includes three polishing wheels designed for use with power rotary tools. These wheels come in different textures, each suited for specific polishing compounds:

  • Use the wheel labeled "coarse" with CP-001 (Coarse) or CP-005 (Super Coarse).
  • Use the wheel labeled "fine" with CP-002 (Fine).
  • Use the wheel labeled "super fine" with CP-003 (Super Fine) or CP-004 (Finishing Wax).

Important Notes:

  1. Label Reading: Wheels are NOT color-coded to match the compounds. Please read the labels carefully to select the appropriate wheel for your polishing needs.

  2. Tool Usage: Using a power rotary tool for polishing can significantly reduce workload. However, improper use of this powerful tool may damage the painted surface. It is recommended to start with the lowest setting on the rotary tool and adjust as needed.