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Plannosaurus Giganotosaurus

by Bandai
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Bandai introduces the Gigantosaurus to their "Plannosaurus" dinosaur plastic model brand! Dive into the world of dinosaurs with this unique lineup that lets you assemble the skeleton and then layer on the outer skin parts. No nippers or glue required, ensuring easy assembly.

Based on the latest research, this Gigantosaurus model accurately depicts the largest carnivorous dinosaur. It features realistic details like keratin-covered protrusions above the eyes and carefully reproduced neural spines on the back. The model also showcases thin, sharp teeth and powerful forelimbs with three claws. You can pose the dinosaur with its movable mouth, forelimbs, hind limbs, neck, and tail. Order now to bring this impressive creature to life in your collection!


  • Gigantosaurus model kit
  • stickers
  • base