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December 2024 Release

PLAMAX PX09: VF-1D Battroid Valkyrie

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Original price $47.00
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From the TV anime "Super Dimension Fortress Macross," the Variable Fighter VF-1D that the protagonist Hikaru Ichijyo first pilots is born as a completely new plastic model in Battroid form. The powerful proportions, carefully based on setting drawings and the anime appearance, are realized by eliminating transformation and focusing solely on the Battroid form. Each part is molded in 5 colors, allowing for a realistic finish just by assembling and applying water-slide decals. Additionally, painting the fine details can bring it even closer to the appearance in the series.

- Poly-caps are used for each joint, allowing for smooth posing.
- Water-slide decals are used to reproduce various markings, and damage marks from being hit are also expressed with decals.
- The gun pod can be assembled in its shortened state using dedicated parts. Additionally, parts for attachment to the forearm are included. (Some modification is required for attachment to the forearm)
- Includes a seated figure of Hikaru Ichijyo in the same scale, and parts for the seat in the raised position are included.
- Includes figures of Lynn Minmay and Maximilian Jenius in the same scale.