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MPD Type 07-Ⅲ Special Vehicle Patrol Nacchin

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Model Specifications:
・New sculpts were made for parts such as the patrol lamps, cockpit head, and shoulder armor to recreate the police version of Nacchin that has been newly designed by the original designer Moi.
・This model is a high-spec, full action model kit with 62 points of articulation.
・Two types of behind-the-head patrol lamps are included: V-type and T-type. Both are interchangeable.
・The runners of this kit come in six colors. The eye panel parts (looking forward), chest police badge, and both torso sides (black) are pre-painted, making it easy to assemble the model in its original color scheme with no painting required.
・This model comes with WEAPON UNIT 41 BALLISTIC SHIELD in the Nacchin series exclusive color scheme. Nacchin can be equipped with the handgun, shotgun, and baton in the ballistic shield by using the included weapon holding hand.
・Patrol Nacchin also includes a “Specialized Large Handgun” and “Long Baton,” both of which are new additions to the series. The handles are the standard M.S.G size and can be used with Frame Arms and Frame Arms Girl as well.
・This model was designed with future developments in mind, allowing the hatch on the head to be opened and closed like in the story.
*The cockpit seat and pilot are not recreated on this model.
・The kit includes three additional blank eye panel parts which can be affixed with the included decals to create a variety of expressions.
・The kit includes two “Universal Grip Parts” equipped with 3mm joints. These parts can be used with a wide range of parts, including M.S.G.
・Standard type Nacchin shoulder units including the large shield are included as optional parts.
・The point for 3mm connection joints on the bottom of the model is compatible with the included Nacchin base or the separately sold New Flying Base.

Included Items:
・Patrol Nacchin Model (2 Patrol Lamps Included)
・WEAPON UNIT41 BALLISTIC SHIELD (Nacchin Exclusive Color Scheme)
・Ballistic Shield Attachment Parts
・Specialized Large Handgun
・Long Baton
・Handgun Attachment Parts
・Contact Display (Pre-Painted/Looking Forward x1, Blank x3)
・Weapon Holding Hands (Left and Right)
・Nacchin Standard Type Shoulder Units (Left and Right)
・3mm Joints x4
・Universal Grip Parts x2
・Nacchin Stand