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This optional set of items features an expansion armor based on the concept of the nurse outfit and weapon units based on medical tools.
*The optional items have the same specifications of the items included with Ruby Eye.


Includes two scalpel-like swords that are able to be connected to create a double-bladed sword.

Includes syringe-like weapons that are able to be connected to the hardpoints of the marionnette style forearms. Unfolding the grips allow them to be used as handheld weapons.


The expansion armor skirt features a 3mm joint on each part and consists of six points of articulation.
The Lifeblood Tank, equipped to the back of the model, is based on a blood transfusion pack and has been beautifully molded with clear colorless and clear red plastic.

Lifeblood Capsules:
The four Lifeblood Capsules are molded in clear red and clear colorless plastic and can be attached to models.


Two Types of Masks:
Includes the two masks that came with Ruby Eye; one with an eyepatch and one with both eyes open. The masks can be used with Principal (sold separately) and Sousai Shojo Teien models (sold separately).
*Regarding visor/mask compatibility: Sousai Shojo Teien's Ao Gennai and Bukiko Kotobuki use unique standards so they are not compatible with Ruby Eye.


Included Items: 
・White Nurse Exarmor Set x1
・Mask (Eyepatch) x1
・Mask (Both Eyes Open) x1
・Scalpel x2
・Double-Bladed Mode Connection Part x1
・Injector x2
・Lifeblood Capsule x4