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The third installment in the weapon series specially designed for character plastic model kits, VIRTUOUS STYLE, is here!

This third installment is a set of polearms (long-handled weapons).
The set includes three of the most prominent polearms, a halberd, spear, and trident. They are great, especially when equipped onto female character models and will completely change the scene!

Model Specifications:
■ The kit includes three tips, two types of handles, and two types of ends. The parts can be combined to make the polearms of your choice. *Three handles and three ends are included, so a total of three weapons can be made at once.
■ The parts are made in silver, red, and gold material, providing a great look straight out of the box.
■ The design is based on the same realistic style as the sword sets of the first and second installments, allowing them to be displayed together.

Included Items:
■ Tip A (Halberd) x1
■ Tip B (Spear) x1
■ Tip C (Trident) x1
■ Long Handle x1
■ Handle x2
■ End A x2
■ End B x1

VIRTUOUS STYLE is a new lineup in the M.S.G series!
A series with items both virtuous and stylish.

Series Feature #1: Items are made in multiple colors and are appealing even after simple assembly.
Series Feature #2: Items are made smaller and more lightweight than the Weapon Unit series, perfectly sized for character models around 14-15 cm tall from series such as Sousai Shojo Teien, Frame Arms Girl, Megami Device, and Arcanadea.