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The highly-requested set item of propellant tank and expandable multi-boosters joins the MECHA SUPPLY series!

The concept behind this product is a propellant tank that is fully customizable using interchangeable parts.

The main unit of the tank can be made longer or shorter by interchanging parts!

Connection attachments can be used to attach the multi-boosters to other mecha models as back units such as the Frame Arms or Frame Arms Girl.

*The multi-boosters’ vernier nozzles are hexagonal.

■ Each part uses 3mm connection joints for free customization.
■ The main tank can be attached in either its long or short shape.
■ Two saber racks are included that can also be used as racks for the separately sold WEAPON UNIT 25 SABER & HAMMER. Users can select either type to use: type A with 3mm connection joints or the standard type B.
■ Various parts can be attached onto the tank base using its 3mm connection points. Furthermore, detail covers with minus molds can be used to conceal 3mm connection points that are not in use.
■ Various parts can be attached to the 3mm connection points on the sides of the multi-boosters. The multi-boosters can be attached to other models such as Frame Arms or Frame Arms Girl using the retractable 3mm connection joints.
■ By using the connection parts, two multi-boosters can be combined to create a highly versatile back unit.
■ Combine with other separately sold Mecha Supply or M.S.Gs for endless customization possibilities.

Included Items:
■ Multi-Booster (Hexagonal) ×2
■ Connection Part ×2
■ Standard Adapter ×2
■ Thruster Unit ×2
■ Main Tank (Long) ×2
■ Main Tank (Short) ×2
■ Tank Base ×2
■ L-Shaped Joint ×2
■ Saber Rack A ×2
■ Saber Rack B ×2
■ Saber Option ×2
■ Detail Cover ×4
■ Standard 3mm Joint ×2