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In honor of the 15th anniversary of the M.S.G Series, the Weapon Unit line is getting an upgrade! The latest unit to be redesigned is the shield, which is being vastly updated in terms of both size and expansion capabilities. Each part of the Multiple Shield can be separated or connected to the base using the 3mm connections. The back of the shield is also equipped with several joints, allowing you to customize the weapon with parts such as the included handgun or knife, or any separately sold weapon parts with a 3mm connection.

Model Specifications:
・The base of the shield consists of several armored plates that can be removed and used for other purposes. The kit also includes additional grips, allowing the plates to be used as individual smaller shields.
・The small gatling gun that can be attached to the back of the shield can be configured as a pile banger by switching out the tip of the weapon. The gun is also equipped with a 3mm joint, making it compatible not only with the shield, but with a variety of other model kits from the Frame Arms or Hexa Gear line as well.
・The shield includes points of articulation, allowing the sides to be folded back to create a protective barrier. These side parts can also be combined with a different base to create a small shield.
・The included handgun and knife can be held in the hands of Frame Arms Girl and Megami Device models. The weapons also come with 3mm attachments that allow them to be mounted on models from any of Kotobukiya’s original lines.
・The kit includes two types of grips. The base of the L grip includes a moveable joint that accommodates a variety of flexible poses. The support grip can be used together with the L grip for additional support.

Included Items:
・Multiple Shield Base x1
・Small Gatling Gun x1
・Interchangeable Pile Banger Parts x1
・Handgun x1
・Knife x1
・Handgun and Knife Attachment Parts x2
・3mm Joint x2
・Small Shield Base Part x1
・L Grip x2
・Support Grip x2