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The Battle Lance is the latest fully renewed weapon unit to join the M.S.G. line!

Based on the Lance/Double Blade that is no longer in production, this oversized lance comes with two interchangeable tips. The conical lance tip is made of silver plastic, giving it a striking appearance even without paint or decals. The weapon grip has improved stability when held by models as well as a moveable gimmick, giving it a wide range of utility. The shield on the side of the weapon can also be removed.

Model Specifications:
・ The lance comes with a conical tip or a bayonet, allowing you to display the weapon to your liking.
・The metallic grip that attaches to the grip unit is moveable, allowing the weapon to be held in different ways.
・The rod part can be attached or removed at the 3mm connection point.
・The bases of the shield parts are flexible and can be adjusted for different poses. They can also be switched out and used on either side. The shields can also be removed and used as a shield for Frame Arms Girl or Hexa Gear Governor models.
・The cover parts on the side of the main grip are moveable and improve the stability of the weapon when held by a model. The guard can be attached to either side by changing out the parts.

Included Parts:
・Conical Lance Tip x1 set
・Bayonet x1
・Grip unit x1
・Rod part x1
・Shield unit x1
・Shield grip part (for Frame Arms Girl and Governor) x1
・Cover parts x1 set