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HEAVY WEAPON UNIT12 is the successor to two of the series’ most popular units, the MEGA SLASH EDGE and the UNITE SWORD.

The concept of this Heavy Weapon Unit is a lance that can separate, merge, and transform.

Sharing a feature that has been popular among the series, the parts can be disassembled and rearranged, and the unit has also been made to be an easy-to-handle size and weight, making it a perfect companion for both Frame Arms and Frame Arms Girls.

The basic Gun Blade Lance form can be separated and transformed into the Blade Rifle and Dual Blade.

Clear parts in purple and colorless are also included as bonus parts, so you can enjoy this unit in your preferred color.

■ The basic Gun Blade Lance form separates to become a variety of blade units.
■ The effect parts are molded in clear plastic and are removable, allowing for an “unleashed ability” situation to be recreated.
■ The included parts can be freely used and rearranged, allowing this unit to be transformed into a large variety of modes such as a halberd, lance, dual blades, blade rifle, and short axe.
■ Combine two sets of Gun Blade Lance with other models, such as separately sold M.S.G units to create the Unite Lance. Merging units within the series further increases the ways it can be enjoyed!

Included items:
■ Splitter Sword A
■ Splitter Sword B
■ Splitter Sword Effect Parts (Clear Purple)
■ Long Rod Effect Parts (Clear Purple)
■ Dual Blade Base x2
■ Dual Blade Effect Parts x2 (Clear Purple)
■ Laser Claw Base
■ Laser Claw Effect Parts (Clear Purple)
■ Mount Rod
■ Long Rod
■ Effect Parts (Clear Colorless)