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JGSDF Type 07-Ⅲ Tank Nacchin [EX Ver.]

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Following the great response to Nacchin, Kotobukiya presents an EX Ver. with a slew of new parts!
"JGSDF Type 07-Ⅲ Tank Nacchin" is an original character created by the robot designer Moi, who is active on social media. This model kit comes in an upgraded version with newly designed equipment such as cat ears and a cockpit seat!

Model Specifications:
・New equipment parts were sculpted using CAD data created by Nacchin's original designer Moi.
・This model is a high-spec, full-action model kit with 66 points of articulation.
・This kit includes a cat ear search unit that can be attached to the head. The cockpit can be opened without removing the unit.
・This kit includes shoulder light shields as a replacement for the regular shoulder shields. The base of the shields can rotate up and down and the hatch of the needle gun can open.
・The cockpit seat sits inside Nacchin. The design allows it to be placed inside Nacchin after assembly as well.
・This kit includes a sitting Natsuki Kukuri pilot figure for use in the cockpit. It also comes with two head parts: with goggles and without goggles.
・This kit includes a standing Natsuki Kukuri figure exclusive to this kit.
*The included figures are unpainted.
・This model comes with WEAPON UNIT03 GRENADE LAUNCHER & DAGGER (otherwise unavailable) in a Nacchin series exclusive color scheme. It can be equipped by using Nacchin's weapon-holding hand.
・The original designer of Nacchin, Moi, reviewed the color scheme and updated the two green colors of the main body. Place this Nacchin alongside previous versions to enjoy the difference.
・The runners for the kit are made in seven different colors, making it easy to assemble the model in its original color scheme with no painting required.
・This model is equipped with 18 connection points for 3mm joints. This allows Nacchin to be freely customized with parts from other series such as M.S.G.
・The "Eye Panel Part (Looking Forward)" is pre-painted with blue eyes on a black background.
・The kit includes three additional blank eye panel parts which can be affixed with the included decals to create a variety of expressions.
・Eye decals are also included for both sitting and standing Natsuki Kukuri figures (without goggles).

Included Items:
・Nacchin Model
・Search Unit
・Shoulder Light Shields (Left and Right)
・Cockpit Seat
・Natsuki Kukuri Figure (Sitting) *Two Heads Parts
・Natsuki Kukuri Figure (Standing)
・WEAPON UNIT03 GRENADE LAUNCHER & DAGGER (Nacchin Series Exclusive Color Scheme)
・Eye Panel Parts (Pre-Painted/Looking Forward x1, Blank x3)
・Weapon Holding Hands (Left and Right)
・Universal Grip Parts x2
・3mm Joints x4
・Nacchin Stand