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HEXA GEAR BOOSTER PACK 013 is a wing unit with large clear parts that resemble beautiful insect wings. The base is made in the series’ favorite color, HEXA GEAR gunmetal, and can be used with a wide range of units. The pack can be combined with booster packs 007, 008, 011, and 012 to assemble the dark green version of the large close-quarters combat unit HEXA GEAR GERTRUDE.

Model Specifications: 
■ The two pairs of large, clear wings, each measuring 173mm and 140mm in length, feature a beautiful color gradation made by changing the thickness of the parts.
■ In addition to wings, the pack can also be used as a shield, blades, and other accessories to freely customize any model.
■ The base of the wing uses a sturdy 5mm connection joint to hold the large wing firmly in place.

Included Items: 
■ Large Wing ×2 
■ Small Wing ×2
■ 5mm Connection Joint Unit ×4