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HEXA GEAR BOOSTER PACK 011 is an armament set that features a versatile design that lets it change forms from beetle pincers, mandibles, legs, wings, to even swords. The unit is made in HEXA GEAR dark green and can be combined with booster packs 007, 008, 012, and 013 to assemble a dark green version of the large close-quarters combat unit, HEXA GEAR GERTRUDE.

Model Specifications: 
■ This weapon can be used for both second-gen humanoid and third-gen biomechanical type HEXA GEAR and is also great for building original units.
■ The two included grips can be attached to equip the weapon onto HEXA GEAR units as swords or tonfa. The blades can also be removed to create legs or wings.
■ Each unit has multiple moving parts and can be used as a large joint unit.
■ The included sensor units can be used separately on the left and right or combined to use as a HEXA GEAR head part.
■ Each unit can be disassembled and attached to various types of HEXA GEAR units using the HEXA G-R.A.M System.

Included Items: 
■ Biting Scissors ×1 Set
■ Sensor Unit ×1 Set
■ Grip Part A ×2
■ Grip Part B ×2
■ Sensor Unit Connection Joint ×1 Set
■ Travel Clamp ×1