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The latest addition to the "hand scale" series is Frame Arms Girl Durga I! 

Based on E-ji Komatsu’s stylization of FRAME ARMS DURGA I designed by ToMo into an original female character, this Frame Arms Girl is faithfully recreated in a new miniature scale that can fit in the palm of your hand!

Model Specifications:
・The model kit includes two pre-printed face parts (Normal and Shouting).
・This miniature model uses data from FRAME ARMS GIRL DURGA I to maintain a high level of detail and accuracy even at the smaller scale!
・The sliding joint for the thigh’s connection shaft and the pop-out structure of the waist cloth parts allows for a wider range of movement for the legs.
・Includes HAND SCALE MAGATSUKI’s newly-designed hand part for the sword for a total of five types of hand parts.
・Despite its small stature of 88mm, the model boasts 20 points of articulation.
・The kit includes decals for the eyes.
・The kit comes with two unprinted face parts for use with the included decals.