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Model Information:
Solid is a type of infantryman’s equipment classified as a light armor type.
Its development was before that of the Pawn series as a result of the search for BMI-compatible infantry equipment, which is affiliated with the Warmage series.
Although this armor is a piece of transitional equipment and uses 2.5th generation technology, its lightweight design and high degree of movement still meet the requirements for special operations today. Even after the emergence of Pawns and the new weapon system, Armor Type, the LAT Solid still continues to be used.
Warmage is designed to expand use of BMI, which focuses on the operation of Armors and HEXA GEAR, and has optics throughout its body to improve vision of movement at close range and enhance adaptability to CQC.
However, the BMI system was implemented before solving problems such as the abnormal load placed on the brain for processing enormous amounts of information and keeping nonhuman equipment under control.
Of course, a solution to this problem that lurks around until the later “Trance Corridor” is being searched for, and a significant amount of data was obtained during synchronous tests with BMI and BULKARM GLANZ, which was being developed at the same time.

The Cradle was originally developed as a piece of equipment to strengthen underage pilots who are not yet fit to become soldiers as well as to familiarize them with the BMI system.
The Cradle is light, easy to handle, and has a flexible cockpit that can seat any pilot regardless of sex or physical size. To reduce load, some functions such as the optics are limited during roll-out.
However, a hypothesis was raised that by exposing pilots to the BMI system in their early stages of physical development, they can later acquire a higher aptitude. To prove this, all members of the Selected Adolescent Soldier unit serving directly under the upper management of the Liberty Alliance are armed with Cradles in full spec.
This unit is said to be a private army for a certain group of executives and is dubbed “Night Stalkers” by the standard units, who fear and steer clear of them.

Model Specifications:
■ Despite its small stature (70mm), the model features 29 points of articulation, allowing it to kneel and assume various poses.
■ The neck joint can move forward and backward to create a wide variety of poses such as tucking in the chin and facing upward diagonally.
■ The ankle joints are moveable for extra stability when standing.
■ Various parts can be attached to the model via the HEXA G-R.A.M connector on its back and the 3mm connection points on the thighs and lower back hip.
■ The color scheme of this model is white, light gray, dark brown, black, and orange.

Included Items:
■ Lightweight Railgun: Type C x 1
■ Stun Rod x 1
■ Hand Parts (Closed, Open, Weapon Holding A, Weapon Holding B) x Left and Right Each
■ PVC HEXA G.R.A.M x 1
■ Archive Card x 1