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The Advanced Armor Project aims to systematically develop reinforced armor called the Armor Type: Pawn. “Pawn A1” is the standard armor for soldiers and Governors. The “Knight" specializes in mounted combat on Hexa Gear, and the "Rook," is a heavy mobile infantry type armor. Interestingly, this categorization is strangely similar to how the Valiant Force classified their Para-Pawns, and can be considered a form of convergent evolution. 
The Rook is called a "heavy armor type" partly for its size. It looks like an enlarged human, giving off a boldness that no normal-sized human could. The wearer is contained within the torso shell and controls the armor through a Brain-Machine Interface (BMI). The limbs can be converted to various equipment and used as extended prostheses. The Agatram is an extremely durable large arm unit used to fight head-on against armored enemies, and is equipped as standard armament for the Rook. Its walking performance is poor due to its size and heavy armor, but it takes advantage of these downgrades by combining it with the full-body propulsion system for strong charging attacks. The Arc Shield (a concentrated plasma barrier) generated by the plasma dischargers all over its body is an excellent counter-weapon to the plasma cannon, further strengthening the Rook's defenses in battle.

Given the above features, it goes without saying that the energy consumption of all of this powerful equipment is also inevitably high, and there is a limit to how long they can run at full power, even with HEXA G-R.A.M. storage. Hence, Governors that board this armor require a high level of information processing and thought manipulation on energy distribution at a level that is unmatched by Pawn A1, not only during combat but also while at high speeds.

Among the main armor types of the Advanced Armor Project, Rook specializes in direct combat without Hexa Gear which makes it free of various restrictions. Greatly exceeding the specs of the Governor’s class, it itself is a power machine equipped with KARMA, and could be considered a new existence that sits halfway between Hexa Gear and a set of armor.
Not even a scratch made after showers of gunfire, it strides on straight to the target. The Rook is sure to stir the battlefield and cause disruption to the forces of the Liberty Alliance.

Neither Governor nor Hexa Gear, but a human with the potential to stand against even Zoatex, eventually to converge into the god of thunder, V-Thor.

■ Agatram (Gigantic Manipulator)
■ Plasma Discharger
■ Storage
■ Air Maneuver Thruster

Model Specifications: 
■ The large right hand has articulated fingers for creating more human-like poses. The 3mm connection point allows it to hold weapons with the included attachment.
■ The Gigantic Manipulator can be assembled for either arm. The shoulder armor can also be attached to either side.
■ The model has multiple 3mm hard points that can be used with M.S.G and other attachments sold separately.
■ The abdomen features a pull-out joint for dynamic action poses. The neck has three articulation points and the shoulders feature a built-in forward swing movement. The elbows and knees are double-jointed.
■ The booster unit on the lower back has a 3mm connection joint at the base and can move flexibly. The tip of each nozzle has a 3mm connection joint for attaching the M.S.G 3mm BOOST EFFECT sold separately.
■ Use the special joints to combine the left and right arms with Frame Arms Girl, Megami Device, SOUSAISHOJOTEIEN, ARCANADEA (sold separately) and more.
■ The sensor on the head is pre-painted. The parts come in three colors: White, gun metallic, and clear orange.
■ This model can be connected to flying bases, sold separately.

Included items: 
■ Left/Right Conversion Parts for Gigantic Manipulator ×1 Set 
■ Gigantic Manipulator Attachment Part ×1 
■ Hand Parts for Regular Manipulators ×6 
 (Closed, Open, Weapon Holding 1 [Normal], Weapon Holding 2 [Angled], Sign A, Sign B)
■ Leg Thruster Ignition Parts ×4 
■ Compatible Joint Parts for Arms ×2  
■ Archive Card ×1