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January 2025 Release


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There is a Governor with extrasensory perception abilities that hunted the Valiant Force. These hunters were superhuman soldiers designed to use a special armor type developed by Hakua Riken along with Monoceros, and are known as the black hunter, or Quetzal.

Like Monoceros, these super soldiers have artificially strengthened tissue, but Quetzal’s design and purpose varied from its counterpart. Quetzal was designed with highly sensitive vision, hearing, and olfactory perception abilities. This gives it innate threat-perception capabilities that drastically increase its ability to survive on the battlefield. In contrast with Monoceros, which was designed as an offensive model, Quetzal is designed to defend its allies, and has proven highly effective in the field.

Compared to the white soldier Monoceros, which emphasizes ferocity and battle-honed reflexes, Quetzal favors balance and stability. Due to the nature of the machine, Quetzal does not require as many cerebral nerve modifications as its counterpart, and is comparatively less harsh on subjects. For this reason, Quetzal is used more widely than Monoceros.

Due to the fact that the Ex Armor Types and the super soldiers that pilot them are both extremely new weapon systems, there are few active models seen on the battlefield. Despite this fact, the Liberty Alliance’s perception of the armor types and soldiers is favorable, and there are high expectations for Hakua Riken’s super soldiers in the future.

■ Security Cloak
■ Compound Bow
■ Crossbow

Product Specifications:
■ The model stands at a small 89mm tall and features 28 points of articulation.
■ Parts Materials: The body is made of ABS, and the POM hand parts and HEXA G-R.A.M back parts are made of PVC, boasting a wider range of movement.
■ The figure can be posed shooting the bow using the included dedicated hand parts.
■ The included crossbow and bow can be held by the model or mounted to the 3mm connection joints or other locations using the included attachment.
■ The included arrows can be attached to the bow and crossbow, as well as the 3mm and 2mm connection joints using the included attachments.
■ The security blanket that can be worn on the left shoulder comes in two types, a standard version and a flowing version. Choose which to use depending on the pose.
■ Security Blanket is designed to attach to the back HEXA G-R.A.M connection points via an expansion unit, meaning it can be used with Governors (sold separately) as well.
*Some models may not be compatible due to shape restrictions.
■ The back is equipped with a HEXA G-R.A.M connection point as standard, allowing other parts in the series to be equipped.

Included Items:
■ Governor Ex Armor Type: Quetzal Body ×1
■ 5 Types of Hand Parts ×1 set for Left/Right (Bow Grip, Gun Grip, Weapon Grip, Fist, Open)
■ Bow ×1
■ Arrow (For Bow) ×1
■ Quiver of Arrow (For Bow) ×1
■ Crossbow ×1
■ Quiver of Bolts (For Crossbow) ×1
■ Expansion Unit ×1
■ Security Blanket Base ×1
■ Security Blanket ×2 (Regular, Flowing)
■ Crossbow Mounting Part (3mm Connector for Crossbow) ×1

■ General Mounting Parts A (3mm Connector for Bow and Crossbow) ×2
■ General Mounting Parts B (2mm Connector for Bow and Crossbow) ×2
■ Decorative Helmet Parts ×2

■ Archive Card ×1