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February 2025 Release


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Original price $40.00
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Current price $36.00

[Two Body Types]
The set includes two models with different body types.
*The set does not include any SOUSAISHOJOTEIEN heads.

The loungewear body wears a short camisole tank top and shorts, ideal for settings like relaxing at home.
The innerwear body has been designed for use with the Tiny Closet set (Kotobukiya Shop exclusive, sold separately) and other doll clothes for 15cm models.
*Note that clothes other than the specifically designed Tiny Closet lineup may not fit the model depending on their size.


[Different Length Neck Joints]
The set includes three types of neck joints: Type A (for SOUSAISHOJOTEIEN), Type B (for Megami Device), and Type C (for regular doll clothes). Type B has a slightly longer neck than Type A to support use with Megami Device heads. Type C has an even longer neck than Type B to prevent it from being hidden under the clothing.

In addition, the set includes two types of ball joints: 5mm and 6mm. The 5mm type is compatible with SOUSAISHOJOTEIEN, ARCANADEA, Frame Arms Girl, and Megalomaria Unlimited Universe models, while the 6mm type is compatible with Megami Device models.

[Sliding Neck Joint]
The neck joints have the forward and back sliding feature from Koyomi Takanashi【Swim Style】, allowing for dynamic vertical movement such as tucking in the chin and looking up. It can be used to prevent hair parts from getting in the way of articulation.

[Different Length Socks]
The set comes with three types of interchangeable calf parts and socks: Short socks, high socks and thigh-high socks.
The same thigh parts will be used when assembling legs with the short socks or high socks.

[Material Colors]
The body uses Skin Color A, which is commonly used in SOUSAISHOJOTEIEN models, making it easy to combine with ARCANADEA, Frame Arms Girl and Megami Device parts.

Included Items:

1. Loungewear Body ×1 
2. Innerwear Body ×1 
3. Short Sock Leg Parts × Left/Right 
4. High Sock Leg Parts × Left/Right 
5. Thigh-High Sock Leg Parts × Left/Right 
6. Bare Leg Parts × Left/Right 
7. 7 Types of Hand Parts (Types of Hand Parts: Holding (Standard), Holding (Narrow), Holding (Wide), Holding (Round), Closed, Pointing, Open Palm) × Left/Right 
(Note that only one pair of each is included, meaning the loungewear and innerwear bodies can not be displayed with the same type of hand parts simultaneously.)
8. Neck Joint Type A ×2 
9. Neck Joint Type B ×2 
10. Neck Joint Type C ×2 
11. 5mm Neck Ball Joint ×6 
12. 6mm Neck Ball Joint ×6 
13. Additional Ankle Joint × Left/Right 
(Can connect to sandals and ankles included with Madoka Yuki【Swim Style】, Koyomi Takanashi【Swim Style】, and Ritsuka Saeki【Swim Style】.