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February 2025 Release


Original price $123.00
Original price $123.00 - Original price $123.00
Original price $123.00
Current price $109.00
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Current price $109.00

GAOFIGHGAR from The King of Braves GaoGaiGar has been brought to life as a cute girl based on E-ji Komatsu's illustration.

After transforming from Phantom Gao to GaoFar, GaoFighGar can then be formed by fusing with the three types of GaoMachines. These many features from the series are now recreated in mecha girl form.

Fans can now recreate the impressive Fusion scenes from the series.

The model can also be recreated in maid girl form without the mecha parts.

Fist parts to recreate Broken Phantom and Protect Wall are included. By swapping out parts, the convertible Ul-Tech Engine can be recreated. The kit includes the Dividing Driver and Gatling Driver. Hand parts to recreate the special move Hell and Heaven are also included. The high-speed flight mode can also be recreated.

Combine this kit with other previously released kits, such as CROSS FRAME GIRL STAR GAOGAIGAR kit to recreate GAOGAIGAR FINAL from the series!

Included Items:
・Three pre-painted face parts are included (Shouting, Default, Smiling).
・The kit includes decals for the eyes.
・In addition to five sets of PVC hand parts, special hand parts made of plastic are included to replicate Protect Wall.
・The kit includes three sets of mecha hand parts: closed, Protect Wall, and Hell & Heaven.
・The kit includes the Gatling Driver and Dividing Driver for users to choose from.
・Docking parts are included to recreate the high-speed flight mode.
・The kit includes Robo Juice from the series.

Model Specifications: 
・The kit can be recreated in the girl form, GaoFar form, standalone Phantom Gao form, or combined with the three GaoMachines to recreate GaoFighGar form.
・Both the girl arms and mecha arms can be used at the same time using the Power Suit form.
・The three GaoMachines can be transformed and fused.
・The PVC hands are compatible with existing weapons from the Frame Arms Girl, M.S.G, and Frame Arms series.
・The 3mm connection points are compatible with existing weapons and armor from the Frame Arms Girl, M.S.G, and Frame Arms series.