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The dinosaur-type Zoid Gojulas, which was released to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Zoids and is the largest kit in HMM history, is back with bonus parts!

Coming in at 322mm (H) × 513.5mm (L) × 195mm (W), this absolute monster of a kit is a blast to build.

The proportions have been arranged to be more aggressive for the HMM series, thus allowing for more powerful posing! Joints in various parts of the model are also articulated to be able to create poses with fierce roars and fighting scenes.

In addition to the decals from the last version, a whole new set of decals reminiscent of the first series of Zoids is included.

What’s more, a set of colorless clear parts is included so that those who prefer to paint their models themselves can do so in combination with the various colored parts.

Add the most powerful weapon in the Helic Republic's arsenal to your collection today!

・The polyethylene caps in each joint that support the humongous body of the Zoid are larger to ensure stability when displayed.
・The cockpit hatch on the head can open and close, and hold the included pilot figure.
・The Zoid Core inside the abdomen is removable.
・The container block on the tip of the tail can be opened to extend the Maxer 30mm Beam Cannon. The Maxer 50mm Cannons on the sides of the tail tip can also be stowed inside the tail.
・The model's heels are articulated, allowing the model to lean forward.
・Includes a set of colorless clear parts as bonus parts.
・Decals of various emblems and warning signs are included and can be applied as desired for a more show-accurate finish.