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December 2024 Release


Original price $115.00
Original price $115.00 - Original price $115.00
Original price $115.00
Current price $102.00
$102.00 - $102.00
Current price $102.00

Introducing a deluxe kit including all the parts for YSX-24 BASELARD as well as the enhanced FA version, YSX-24RD ZELFIKAR, in an all-new color scheme by its designer Takayuki Yanase!

■ The kit includes the base model for YSX-24 BASELARD. In addition, the runners for EXTEND ARMS 02 and exclusive parts featured in the YSX-24c BASELARD with BOMBARDMENT UNIT and SX-25 CUTLASS kits are included. The weapon parts for YSX-24RD/NE ZELFIKAR/NE and YSX-24RD/GA ZELFIKAR/GA as well as FRAME ARMS GIRL ZELFIKAR ST Ver.’s Gun Rapiers are included.
■ Includes newly sculpted hands that are redesigned for Baselard and compatible with FA HAND 2. FA HAND, compatible with hand parts for SX-25 CUTLASS, is also included.
■ Colored clear parts matching the color scheme and colorless clear parts for customization are included.
■ Includes marking decals for further customization.
■ The kit comes in a new color scheme by Takayuki Yanase, the designer of YSX-24 BASELARD and the enhanced FA version, YSX-24RD ZELFIKAR. The multi-colored parts allow users to achieve a realistic finish just by assembling it.
■ FRAME ARCHITECT RENEWAL Ver. is used for the base frame. Frame Architect is unassembled and made of PS plastic.

*Frame Architect is unassembled and only includes runners necessary to assemble this product.