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Famous figure brand AMAKUNI is proud to announce the launch of their new plastic model kit brand "AMAKUNITECH"!

 The first in the lineup is a plastic model kit version of a product that gained immense popularity as a finished, full action model: AMAKUNI KIJIN Genesic GaoGaiGar!

 The transformation and combination feature was intentionally done away with to prioritize the outstanding proportions and details in the model, allowing for the recreation of a perfectly sized kit with optimal features.

 With all of these highlights condensed into this model, this version of AMAKUNI KIJIN Genesic GaoGaiGar sets itself aside from the original figure in a way that only a plastic model kit can.

 Included Items:
・Hand Parts (Standard, Open, Protect Shade)
・Hell and Heaven Hand Parts (3 Types)
・ Protect Shade Interchangeable Parts
・Will Knife
・Bolting Driver
・Bolt Parts (3 Types)