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February 2025 Release


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The SNEAK SIGHT is a reconnaissance HEXA GEAR developed by Earthcline Biomechanics and produced by a third-party arsenal.

The development concept was a drone that specializes in scouting, communication, and stealth. This led to the adoption of an ornithopter system where a combination of flapping wings and gliding are used for flight in order to reduce sound. The unit's body is also made of altered artificial HEXA G-R.A.M muscles, found in third-generation HEXA GEAR, giving it uncharacteristic flexibility for a mechanical unit. Additionally, the feathers feature an exceedingly sharp design that when combined with the kinetic energy from high-speed flight and diving, can cut through foes like a hot knife through butter.

However, its armor is thinner than the EX ARMOR TYPE, which is already relatively light as it prioritizes weight reduction, and even small arms fire from a Governor can be lethal. In order to combat this, its top speed, while outmatched by the Windfall, surpasses that of ordinary drones. It can maneuver nimbly in the air like falling leaves in the wind, making it an incredibly difficult target to hit from the ground.


The most distinctive feature of the unit, however, was the idea to not equip the KARMA module.

The unit is remotely controlled by a KARMA mounted on a HEXA GEAR mothership via a network established by SNEAK SIGHT itself. By using a data link system that can relay with multiple units, SNEAK SIGHT can perform three-dimensional scans and patrols in large areas, and covertly penetrate deep within hostile territory, which would otherwise be unthinkable. In addition, as it can also be used as an armored flight unit for a short period of time, the Governor in the mothership can have a bird's-eye view of the battlefield and use the gathered information to quickly reposition units like pieces on a chessboard. While this remote control feature is possible for any generation of KARMA-equipped HEXA GEAR, the number of units that can be simultaneously operated increases in proportion to the storage capacity of the KARMA, notably the older generations that do not require a Zoatex on the mothership.


Model Specifications: 
■ The first in line for an all new model kit line which aims to create models that are both compact in size and easy to assemble called “Alternative” is now here. Similar to that of the Governor series, this model is made to be easy to assemble, even for model kit beginners.
■ The model is equipped with 5mm and 3mm HEXA GEAR standard joints, making it easy to change out parts and customize with other series’ kits such as Frame Arms Girl, Megami Device, Modeling Support Goods, and more. 
■ The two attachment points on the head allow it to be exchanged and used as a Governor’s head.
*Parts may not fit perfectly onto some Governor models and will need modifications.
■ The model can be used as a simple flight unit for Governors using the HEXA G-R.A.M on its chest.


Included Parts: 
■ SNEAK SIGHT Model ×1
■ Short HEXA G-R.A.M ×1
■ Long HEXA G-R.A.M ×1
■ Weapon Attachable Leg ×2 
■ Landing Leg ×2