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by Bandai
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The RG Hi-Nu Gundam from "Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack - Beltorchika's Children" is a highly detailed model kit with innovative features. Its multi-link gimmick enables sliding armor movements, revealing the intricate internal frame as joints move. The upper waist base's swinging action allows for bold poses, while the lumber armor's connection joint ensures leg movement isn't hindered. Enhanced leg articulation and an extendable arm beam gun add to the model's poseability.

Movable neckline parts and a container gimmick widen the fin funnel, resembling a wing, and the Advanced MS Joint maintains its shape during shooting sequences. The kit includes various weapons like the Beam Rifle and New Hyper Bazooka, along with a shield, Beam Saber, and interchangeable hand parts. Realistic decals enhance the model's appearance, providing a comprehensive building experience for fans and collectors alike.

Set Contents:
Beam Rifle
New Hyper Bazooka
Beam Saber (grip x3, beam blade x2)
Hand parts (left and right, x3 each)
Weapon holder (right)
Realistic decals