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1/144 RG Gundam Epyon

by Bandai
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Original price $75.00
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Current price $62.00
Introducing the mighty Gundam Epyon from "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing" in a completely new Real Grade (RG) model kit from Bandai! This kit features an array of new gimmicks optimized to handle its beam sword powerfully and naturally. Additionally, an amazing all-new original feature allows it to transform into a double-headed pterosaur!

Enhancements to its torso flexibility enable forward bending, while hip joints with a lock mechanism ensure strong stances. The upper part of the wrist and forearms are more flexible than before, and the shoulder armor enables Epyon to raise its shoulders while keeping them in position for dual-handed beam sword wielding.

The blades on its knees won't interfere with kneeling poses, and the wings' height can be adjusted by moving the base shaft. In pterosaur mode, the mouths can be opened and closed, and pull-out ball movement is built into Epyon's shins to serve as the pterosaur's neck joints.

An advanced MS joint is adopted for the heat rod, ensuring a high degree of flexibility, while the cable connecting the beam sword and mount latch uses a lead wire for added realism.

Experience the enhanced capabilities of this classic robot with Bandai's new RG model kit. Order yours today!

- Beam sword
- Beam sword holder
- Shield
- Heat rod
- Hands (x1 set)
- Display joint (x2 types, for robot mode & pterosaur mode)
- Lead wire
- Decals