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1/144 RG God Gundam

by Bandai
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Bandai introduces God Gundam from Mobile Fighter G Gundam to the RG model-kit lineup, boasting the broadest range of motion ever achieved in RG history through a human body-inspired structure! Advanced MS joints in the shoulders and wrists enable iconic folded-arms poses, while a telescoping feature in the shoulders enhances lateral arm movement. With a three-axis neck structure, God Gundam can retract its chin and extend its head! Its knees feature dents for realistic bending, and a new mechanism allows toe movement, enabling grounded foot placement even with legs spread horizontally. Multi-stage torso to waist movement and a sliding hip joint dramatically increase leg mobility. Notably, a movable shaft in the nail and thumb covers replicates the dynamic God Finger move! Don't miss out on this formidable Gundam—order yours today!


God Slash (x2)
Hand parts (x1 set)
Sun Wheel effect connection joint
PET sheet for Sun Wheel effect
Realistic decal stickers