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1/144 HGCE Mighty Strike Freedom Gundam

by Bandai
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Introducing the High Grade Mighty Strike Freedom Gundam from "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom"

Bring the power and majesty of the Mighty Strike Freedom Gundam from the movie "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom" to your collection with this exceptional High Grade model kit!

Key Features:

  • SEED Action System: Recreate iconic action poses from the movie with the specialized internal structure of the "SEED Action System." The individual hip joint connections in both legs allow for upward and downward swinging, enabling dynamic and precise posing.
  • Real Metallic Gloss Injection: Features Real Metallic Gloss Injection material for the gold parts, enhancing their metallic luster and giving the model a stunning finish.
  • Articulated Wings: The wings have extensive individual articulation, allowing for expanded configurations. The white wings have 8 sliding joints to accurately replicate their deployed state.
  • 3D Metallic Stickers: For added realism, 3D metallic stickers are included, providing a luminous effect that enhances the model’s appearance.
  • Detailed Sword: The blade parts of the included "Futsunomitama" sword showcase different textures with two surface finishes for a realistic look.
  • Removable "Proud Defender": The "Proud Defender" can be removed and displayed separately, and you can recreate the forehead cannon's deployed state through part replacement.
  • Extendable Hip Rail Gun: The hip rail gun can be extended to replicate a simultaneous firing position.
  • Comprehensive Armaments: Comes with an array of weapons, including beam sabers, beam shields, and a grip for replicating connected beam saber states.

Included Accessories:

  • Sword (Futsunomitama)
  • Beam Rifles x2
  • Beam Sabers x2
  • Grip for Saber Connection
  • Beam Shield
  • Head Part
  • Hand Parts Set

Order your High Grade Mighty Strike Freedom Gundam today and bring the epic battles from "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom" to life!