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1/144 HG GN-X

by Bandai
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Utilized by the UN Forces, the GN-X mecha was designed after a leak of data from Celestial Being, which allowed the manufacture of solar furnaces. These mecha are typically deployed en masse and contain the same GN drive as a Gundam Throne, enabling them to stand up to a Gundam in combat.

This High Grade (HG) GN-X kit is ideal for beginning modelers. The instructions are straightforward and easy to follow, and the pieces are molded in color and snap together, allowing you to complete the model without the need for glue or paint. Stickers are included for the purple sections to enhance detail.

For best durability and appearance, gluing and painting are recommended but not necessary. The kit includes multiple armaments such as a beam rifle with a longer barrel attachment, a shield, and two swords. Additionally, interchangeable hands are provided, allowing you to swap weapons even after completion.

Key Features:
- Ease of Assembly: Snap-fit construction and molded color parts eliminate the need for glue and paint.
- Clear Instructions* Simple and easy-to-follow instructions, making it perfect for beginners.
- Stickers Included* For added detail, especially in the purple sections.
- **Interchangeable Weapons**: Includes a beam rifle, longer barrel attachment, shield, and two swords.
- Customizable Hands: Interchangeable hands for weapon swapping after completion.
- GN Drive Technology: Features the same GN drive as the Gundam Throne, ensuring it can stand up to a Gundam in battle.

This HG GN-X kit offers an excellent entry point for new modelers while still providing plenty of detail and customization options for more experienced builders.