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by Bandai
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Current price $60.00

From MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM OO, the GN-X III, adopted by the Autonomous Peace-Keeping Force "A-LAWS," is now available in the 1/100 Master Grade Series!

- Suit form of GN-X III reproduced with new molding:
The distinct modifications seen in the GN-X III, such as the chest, waist, and shoulder armor, have been accurately recreated using new moldings. The iconic red coloring of the A-LAWS type is achieved through color molding.

  - Chest:
    Additional armor pieces on the right and left sides of the chest are replicated with new parts.

  - Waist:
    New parts are utilized for the front skirt, side skirt, and the suspension part for the rifle.

  - Shoulder:
    Variant shoulder armor is faithfully reproduced with new moldings.

- Complete reproduction of the GN Lance with new molding:
The GN Lance, the signature weapon of the GN-X III, is entirely recreated using new moldings, ensuring precision and detail.