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by Bandai
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Mobile Suits from the MSV Series continue to make their debut as Master Grade model kits! Introducing the RGM-80 GM Cannon, deployed to the North American Front!

The stalwart hero of the North American Front stands ready for action!

From "MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM MSV," the GM Cannon (North American Front version) joins the Master Grade lineup, faithfully recreating its unique MSV coloring and markings with colored molding and water-transfer decals!

- MSV-inspired body colors reproduced with color separation based on MG standards:
To stay true to the MSV designs, the MS body's gray tones are accurately reproduced with color-separated moldings based on MG standards. Additionally, the head visor's color is faithfully replicated using sky blue clear parts.

- Special MSV body markings replicated with water-transfer decals:
Included are newly designed water slide decals featuring specific line markings tailored for the MSV mobile suit.

- Built on the fundamental MG GM Ver.2.0 body, allowing for flexible posing:
Utilizing the versatile MG GM Ver.2.0 body, this kit offers a wide range of posing possibilities, ensuring dynamic displays on your shelf or in your collection!