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by Bandai
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From MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 00, the customized late-production model of the GN-X, known as the Advanced GN-X, has joined the 1/100 Master Grade series!

- Thorough reproduction of characteristic body parts with new molding:
Each distinct aspect of the customized GN-X, including the head, thighs, and shoulders, has been meticulously recreated to meet the high standards of the Master Grade series.

  - Head part:
    The unique design of the head, featuring a prominent antenna, has been faithfully reproduced with new molding. Additionally, the dual sets of main cameras, staying true to the show's depiction, are accurately portrayed.

  - Leg part:
    Thigh armor enhancements, equipped with GN Verniers, are crafted using new parts. A slide gimmick allows for the storage of Beam Sabers within the thighs, reflecting the model's functionality.

  - Shoulder part:
    The GN Defense rods, integrated into both shoulders, are recreated with newly designed parts, ensuring accuracy and attention to detail.