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Plastic Nipper / Cutter Maintenance

Authored by: Bryan Lee - Mechamind

It is recommended to do periodic maintenance for your hobby tools to extend the lifespan of their usage and in this article I will share how to maintain your Plastic Nipper / Cutter

For this article, I will be using the following:

Prepare some paper towels to absorb and clean off the oil, I prefer paper towels compared to tissue paper as they tear off less easily.

Spay at all the gaps of your cutter and then you want to open and close the cutter several times to let the oil do the work.

You can see that the oil removed the rust that is hidden from view. Clean off using the paper towel and repeat this step until little to no rust is seen. You can also spray the oil on all the visible metal parts to add a thin layer of coating.

This will help to extend the lifespan of your Plastic Nipper / Cutter and hope you have found this article useful.


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