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August 2024 Release

Special Forces Industry 哨兵 1/100 Sentinel Mecha

Original price $60.00
Original price $60.00 - Original price $60.00
Original price $60.00
Current price $45.00
$45.00 - $45.00
Current price $45.00

This is a plastic injection model kit that requires self assembly.

Comes with metal inner frame.

Height: 20.7 CM

The product's blue, red, antenna, and green monitor parts are all pre-sprayed. After simple assembly, it has a more finished model-like appearance!

The product's joint design includes multiple mechanisms to enhance poseability, such as the mask can be flipped down, elbows can be extended, three-section waist bending, knee joint movement, multi-angle adjustment of thrusters, and more, making it easier to pose in a variety of positions!

The product comes with a sniper rifle, with a length of approximately 24.5cm! Moreover, the sniper rifle can be disassembled. By disassembling the barrel, stock, scope, and other accessories, it can be transformed into a core machine gun!

In addition to the sniper rifle, there are two short guns inside the dual side armor, allowing for dual gun gameplay!

Both outer armors on the two arms are equipped with beam swords, which can directly attach special effects parts or be removed for hand-held use, or they can be wielded together for double sword gameplay!

The shield is connected to the arm by a small mechanical arm, allowing for angle adjustment.

he base has storage function for small accessories, and the bracket is a metal universal bracket that can freely adjust the angle!