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September 2024 Release

OHBIG x MADWORKS 1.8x/3D Magnifying Glass with LED + Table Clamp (AL001-S3DT02)

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Original price $255.00
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OHBIG x MADWORKS 1.8x/3D Magnifying Glass with LED + Table Clamp (AL001-S3DT02)

The OHBIG Series Dimmable and Color-Adjustable Magnifying Glass is a visual aid designed to address various visual difficulties. Available in 1.8x / 3D and 2.3x / 5D models, it features optical white glass lenses with up to 97% light transmittance. This provides a clear, bright, and natural view, revealing true colors, making it ideal for tasks that require precise color presentation, such as model painting, beauty work, and painting.

Lighting quality is crucial for individuals with low vision, mature adults, and seniors. The OHBIG magnifying glass provides uniform, shadow-free ring illumination. It features intuitive buttons to switch between 5+3 brightness levels and 4 color temperature settings. Designed with a universal concept, the handle's base includes a 1/4" screw hole, allowing attachment to various accessories for hands-free use. This enables users to adjust the angle and perform intricate tasks easily. It can be powered by 3 AA batteries or a USB Type-C connection for extended use. For safety, when connected via USB, the power does not charge the batteries, preventing potential misuse. This makes it a reliable visual aid for everyone.

The product can be clamped to table edges with a thickness of 5mm to 60mm. It includes a 40cm metal gooseneck, a metal multi-angle G-type table clamp, and a metal mini ball head, all equipped with 1/4" screw holes. These components can be combined or used separately for versatile functionality.

Do not use this on electronics that illuminate light (e.g. Phone screen, Monitor etc)