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January 2025 Release

Moderoid - Black Sarena

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Original price $97.00
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From "Martian Successor Nadesico: The Motion Picture – Prince of Darkness," comes the MODEROID plastic model of the jet-black spacecraft: the Black Sarena!

Key Features:

  • Black Sarena stands approximately 160mm tall to the top of the head (190mm in total height).
  • Akito's Aestivalis is 120mm tall to the top of the head.
  • The Aestivalis can be fully stored within the Black Sarena without additional parts.
  • The model boasts several points of articulation, with deployable rocket nozzles on its shoulders and hips, and an articulated tail.
  • Includes two handcannons and parts to recreate its Distortion Punch attack.
  • Handcannons can be stored within the shoulder binders, replicating its appearance from the final battle scene.
  • Comes with a dummy frame for the Black Sarena with the same articulation as the Aestivalis, allowing for simultaneous display.
  • Dummy frame forearms are gray and can be swapped with the main Aestivalis body.
  • Includes black wing parts for the Aestivalis, recreating the Black Sarena's appearance from earlier in the film.
  • Parts are separated into different colored runners and pre-painted, ensuring an easy and accurate assembly.